Getting Ready

 Design meeting at the studio days Before the Session

Whether its a in person live meeting or a phone call, it is super important that we discuss the session with you. Some things we address may include your expectations or vision for your session, special props you would like to include, little tips and tricks that may make your kids feel more comfortable, or any questions you might have. We give you a tour of the studio and the grounds which seems to spark ideas and questions you might not of had if you had not come to our studio.  The more we knows in advance about what you are wanting the better. Now, there does come a point when you have to let go and trust in your photographer’s skills and abilities. But it does not hurt to communicate your ideas and expectations first. We will even have you put together YOUR ideas as a homework assignment and email the images to us. This gives us a idea of the type of images you like. Are you a conservative posed type family or do you enjoy squeezing together in a big bear hug?  How will your photographer ever know that you hate kissing pictures unless you tell them?

Select a Time for Your Shoot that is Best for Your Kids

We prefer a happy family over fabulous light any day of the week. We have so many tools to create all sorts of amazing lightening. Nap time first and the session after. If the start time of your shoot is going to be the demise of your session TELL us and we will get you another time slot.  We do not want to interfere with nap or bedtime, or hunger pains. You want happy children during your entire photo shoot however crocodile tears can also be adorable.

Please arrive to your session 5-10 mins early

There is nothing more stressful then running into a session rushed. Your kids will feel it as we will. We want time to play and get to know your kids so they can trust us.  We also want time to have time to take a break if needed as sometimes the kiddos just need a break.  Let the kids play, have a snack, and just be kids without the pressure of the camera in their face. You have permission to do this.


Remember, if you want that perfect image it is so important that on the day of the shoot that both parents are calm and comfortable. Easier said than done, right? It is not easy getting kids ready , fed and dressed all while making sure both you and your husband look good as well. But once you arrive at your session try super hard to let it all go and just enjoy your shoot. It is now our  job to carry that stress for you and produce awesome images that you will adore. It is your job to just enjoy your family and the experience of creating timeless memories. We suggest getting the bags packed the day before. And mom...Try our beauty bar. Come get your hair and makeup done done and let Dad bring the kids and dog. We also have a stylist on board who will come out to your home to choose ALL the outfits needed for your session. So convenient ASK!

We hope you find this tips helpful and that your next family portrait session is a blast.