Teresa — affectionately known as "T" — has been enamored with all aspects of art from her first taste of minty glue paste at age five to her first Kodak instamatic (thanks to baby-sitting money) at age 13. After experimenting with cameras for nearly four decades, T found her calling in the high-end world of digital cameras and computer technology. Honing her graphic skills (on a Mac of course!), T ultimately sealed her fate as the intensely passionate photographic artist we know and love today. Although highly technical, T keeps from getting bogged down with f-stops and apertures by devoting herself to capturing the authentic expression of her subjects. Moved deeply by dance, music, and the intimacies she quietly observes between friends and families, the multi-faceted beauty of T's subjects are brought to life in front her lens. The resulting photographs never cease to deeply move T's clients as she somehow, consistently, captures the essence as well as the image.

Excited to bring the fun and joy of these foto-journalistic shoots to more and more of the community, | FOTOS BY T | has opened its own Bay Area bricks-and-mortar, turn-of-the-century-buildling-slash-super-hip studio . This unique late 1800 century vintage queen-anne studio, offers more than just a place to get some photos taken. It is an experience just walking the grounds and seeing all the options.

Come see for yourself...